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KARCHER R38 starlight door handles – brighten up any door

May 14, 2014 by · Comments Off on KARCHER R38 starlight door handles – brighten up any door 

KARCHER R38 starlight door handles
A pair of dual finish stainless steel handles mounted on a 10mm thick stainless steel rose with integral spring and independent stop washer.  The unique German-made Karcher Design 3 part rose system ensures the lever handles are fixed in the most robust and secure method.  The solid mounting plates are first secured to the door with bolt through fixings and then the lever handles are attached to them with a screw on rose.  A grub screw retained spindle offers the final point of secure fixing. This method has been proven to withstand continued and enduring use in commercial and public buildings.  For compatible latches, lockcases, escutcheons and bathroom indicator thumbturns, please see our accessories page.  We supply latches and lock cases in stain stainless steel finish only with all our stainless steel door handles.

The Steelworx range of stainless steel door handles

March 25, 2014 by · Comments Off on The Steelworx range of stainless steel door handles 

eurospec-lever-handleThe range includes six selected contemporary designs including Return to Door, Mitred and Straight lever handles that are used throughout commercial buildings, schools and hospitals as well as the innovative styles such as the Curved and Propeller levers. Manufactured by THE CARLISLE BRASS DESIGN GROUP under the brand name EUROSPEC, the lever handles are chosen for their high quality, lasting performance and enduring designs.  Doorstuff is keeping all of the lever handles in stock, so they can be purchased separately  or as complete sets with a with a tubular mortice latch, mortice bathroom lock with thumbturn or with a 5 lever BS insurance rated lock case for ease of specifying. All of these items are compatible with each other.

“Heavy Duty” is not a subjective term – how to be sure you’re buying quality door handles

September 5, 2013 by · Comments Off on “Heavy Duty” is not a subjective term – how to be sure you’re buying quality door handles 


The term “Heavy Duty” is no longer subjective, there are EN standards which define the use and durability of each product. A suite of European product performance standards (ENs) have been developed for most building components, these include a comprehensive range of product performance standards for architectural hardware. Products are ‘marked’ with a six or more digit classification coding which shows in detail just what levels of product performance are being claimed for the item. This classification system enables complementary items to also be specified to, for instance, a common level of corrosion resistance, category of use, door mass, etc. as shown below.en-numbers

The important numbers defining the durability of a door closer for example are the first, second, forth and sixth digits. These are as follows:
Digit 1 – Category of use
Grade 2 – for use by people with some incentive to exercise care but where there is some chance of misuse
Grade 3 – high frequency of use by public or others with little incentive to exercise care and with a high chance of misuse.
Digit 2 – Number of test cycles
Grade H – 200,000 cycles; 10N (load on latchbolt)
Grade X – 200,000 cycles; 120N (load on latchbolt)
Digit 4 – Fire Behaviour – Suitability for use on fire/smoke door assemblies having successfully completed a fire test to EN 1634
Grade 0 – not approved for fire/smoke doors
Grade 1 – suitable for use on fire/smoke doors subject to assessment

Digit 6 – Corrosion Resistance – Level of corrosion resistance to EN 1670 Neutral Salt Spray test and operation of the product at extreme temperatures
Grade F – high corrosion resistance; -20°C to +80°C
Grade G – very high resistance; -20°C to +80°C
Marking – To order to comply with the EN standard each product and/or its packaging are required to be marked with:  
The manufacturer’s name or trademark or other means of identification.
Product identification number.
The six or more digit classification number as above.
The BS EN standard number e.g. BS EN 1154 for door closers
The year and week of manufacture (this may be coded).
CE Marking – To be marked with the European Commission’s CE mark, a product will hold all the required certification including classification code of product, type-testing to EN number, manufacturer’s mark, year of manufacture, EC certificate of conformity etc. which will be verified by the notified certification body.

The handle description says the handle sets are “bolt through fixing”, what does this mean?

March 13, 2011 by · Comments Off on The handle description says the handle sets are “bolt through fixing”, what does this mean? 

Door handles can be subjected to a lot of force which, over time, can loosen and wobble them free.  Bolt thru’ fixing is the best way of fitting lever handles for a long, maintenance-free life span.  Essentially, the bolts holding the handles onto the door pass right through the door AND the lock case or latch case, and fix into the handle rose on the other side.  For this reason, lockcases and latch cases must be “bolt through fixing” too with holes in the right places (most good quality ones are these days, Doorstuff’s ALL are, but if you’re using your existing locks and latches it’s always best to check them).  It is only possible to bolt though lever handles which are on roses, rather than the traditional back plate style, which are always surface-mounted.  Watch this YouTube video about fitting door handles, it shows how the bolts and latch case all fit together to give a strong finished result.

I have a fire door in a specialist nursing home caring for vulnerable adults which…

January 20, 2011 by · Comments Off on I have a fire door in a specialist nursing home caring for vulnerable adults which… 

needs to be opened on a regular basis to allow access for staff but which also needs to discourage the residents from using it, for their own safety.  Therefore it needs to be secure but easily opened daily and opened by anyone in an emergency. Have you any suggestions please?
This situation can be addressed using a maglock to secure the door shut, which is operated by a digital code pad on the side which staff need to access from.  The maglock would be wired into the fire alarm, so that during a fire the door is operated by anyone.  The door itself can have a pull handle on one side and a push plate on the other, or can have a simple latch with lever handles.  The maglock is not something we list here online, but contact us for a quote.

Is an Exidor OAD available with a Lever Handle?

December 14, 2010 by · Comments Off on Is an Exidor OAD available with a Lever Handle? 

The 200/300 series now offers the 322 lever OAD. The 500 and 700 series both have lever handle OAD’s available, which can be used with single point latches, 2, and 3 point locking Bolts and Pullman Catches.