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Product Spotlight: EXIDOR 700 Series

December 29, 2017 by · Comments Off on Product Spotlight: EXIDOR 700 Series 

The EXIDOR 700 Series consists of two products of high security panic hardware. The extra heavy duty lever panic function and push bar function are designed for emergency exits needing security such as shops, supermarkets and petrol stations where there is a higher risk of attack to an escape door. Additionally, Doorstuff stock this product at a reasonable price to allow for maximum security in a commercial setting, without breaking the bank.

For further information on this series, please call us on 02070 922 822, or email us at

Bad Hardware Spotted!

February 21, 2017 by · Comments Off on Bad Hardware Spotted! 

blog - bad door resized 2This panic hardware was found installed on a door in a large shop in Exeter: The evidence of the paintwork on this fire escape door shows it previously had a full width touch bar (for example the EXIDOR 402) with top and bottom locking that complies with BS EN 1125 regulations. However for some reason, this has been changed to a push pad that, while seemingly doing the same job, does not meet regulations for panic hardware in a public area.

If you need any information on the regulations regarding your fire escape doors, get in touch with our technical team! 

Exidor panic hardware for double uPVC fire escape doors

June 6, 2014 by · Comments Off on Exidor panic hardware for double uPVC fire escape doors 

It is drummed into us how secure uPVC doors are (in addition to their other merits) but unfortunately, where these doors are required to be fire escapes in for example schools, care homes or HMOs, this is a fallacy.  Unless the door was supplied with an integral panic hardware system by the uPVC door supplier, the super secure internal locking mechanism needs to be disabled when surface mounted panic hardware is fitted.  The EXIDOR 5 point locking 502-23 with horizontal pullman catches would give you the best security that can be achieved with Exidor panic hardware for double uPVC fire escape doors while meeting BS EN1125 on panic exit devices.

502AB-523B panic hardware for double uPVC doors

Exidor 306 panic hardware – for when that escape door absolutely has to lock behind you

May 27, 2014 by · Comments Off on Exidor 306 panic hardware – for when that escape door absolutely has to lock behind you 

exidor 306 panic latch mortice operator
The Exidor 306 is a panic hardware push pad actuator unit with a cylinder mortice night latch case that will lock behind you everytime you leave or enter the building through the fire escape.  Each time a user tries to enter they will need to use the key.  This is ideal for buildings where the users are not trusted to lock the door from behind, and this security feature can be augmented by fitting a door closer.  Supplied with or without a Euro profile cylinder.  A mortice plate is also supplied as standard.  The unit provides security on the outside with ease of escape from the inside in emergency situations.

It’s time to check your Panic Hardware!

April 29, 2014 by · Comments Off on It’s time to check your Panic Hardware! 

exidor spares
It is important that all panic and emergency exit hardware devices are inspected and maintained properly to ensure safety is maintained when exiting a building in any situation.  Once the device is fitted regular maintenance is recommended.
• Make sure the Exit Device functions correctly
• Any fixings that have worked loose should be re-secured
• Any damaged components should be replaced
• Ensure there are no obstructions which prevent the panic unit from functioning correctly
Every three months:
• Check for wear, any visible worn components should be replaced

Luckily, if you have British-made EXIDOR panic hardware, all replacement parts can be bought as spares and are held in stock by Doorstuff.

EXIDOR 4900 door closers, a Great British product

March 24, 2014 by · Comments Off on EXIDOR 4900 door closers, a Great British product 


Made by Exidor in the UK, the EXIDOR 4900 are in stock at Doorstuff. The Exidor overhead door closer range (4900, 4930, 4910, 4940, 4700, 4730, 4800, 4830 and 4820) are direct replacements for the old Jebron door closers and feature the unique high efficiency cam and roller action which is ideal for use where the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the DDA) and BS8300 – Approved Document “M” need to be considered. The cam and roller ‘gears’ the action of the door closer to provide the optimum opening and closing forces where they are needed – as the door is near the frame. The rapidly falling opening force makes the door easier to open, whilst an increasing closing force as the door nears the frame on the closing cycle, ensures safe, secure closing. Efficiency is expressed by describing the closing force as a percentage of the opening force. Therefore a 20 Newtons closing force and 27 Newtons opening force would give an efficiency of: 20÷27 x 100 = 74%. The greater the efficiency, the easier it is to open the door. Exidor’s cam and roller mechanism, with precision engineered parts and unique bearings, result in very highly efficient door closers.

Latch a surface mounted panic latch to a double rebated door – use a box keep

March 14, 2014 by · Comments Off on Latch a surface mounted panic latch to a double rebated door – use a box keep 

300-box-keepThis handy little keep is mounted to the edge of the first opening leaf of a fire escape door or crash door and provides a keeper for the surface (rim) mounted panic latch bolt in the case of a double rebated door.  The EXIDOR 300 box keep (shown above) is supplied as standard with the EXIDOR 296-4 panic hardware kits, the BRITON 378 DDS box keep is supplied as standard with the BRITON 376-8 panic hardware kits, and both can be bought individually as a spare part.

What is an OAD?

February 14, 2014 by · Comments Off on What is an OAD? 

EXIDOR 302ec outside access device

An OAD is an Outside Access Device; this is fitted on the outside of a final exit door which has been fitted with Panic or Emergency Exit Hardware on the inside. The OAD allows access from the outside by authorised persons. The OAD can also be locked to allow non-key holders to gain entry.  A great example of one of these is the EXIDOR 302EC (pictured) which can be integrated into your existing masterkeyed suite, if required.

An outside access device which re-locks itself on closure of the fire escape door

January 13, 2014 by · Comments Off on An outside access device which re-locks itself on closure of the fire escape door 


The EXIDOR CL1 outside access device is a code entry lock which automatically locks when the door latches shut with the compatible EXIDOR panic hardware unit (296, 297, 501 etc).  The CL2 has the optional setting of “passage function” which suspends the automatic re-locking, permitting the handle to be used freely without the code.  The CL2 can be set back to code locked only.

Exidor TB450 electronic latch retraction – now in stock!

September 9, 2013 by · Comments Off on Exidor TB450 electronic latch retraction – now in stock! 

tb450With the ever increasing need for improved security, the Exidor 400 series panic hardware with electronic latch retraction offers a solution whilst still allowing safe emergency exit from inside the building.  It also allows the integration of the buildings access control systems with the panic exit devices.  Meets the Sport England requirement of fully flush fitting ironmongery in sports halls.
A motor concealed within the Touch Bar assembly provides immediate retraction of the bolts to provide access from the secure side of the door via the buildings access control system.  The locking points can also be withdrawn remotely, for example via a key switch from inside the building, whilst still maintaining the instant panic exit release function when the Touch Bar is operated.
The unit operates off a standard 24V DC, 1 amp power supply (not provided).  As standard, the bar also incorporates electronic dogging (hold back).

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