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Panic hardware for single timber doors
Panic hardware for double doors
Panic hardware with mortice actuators
Briton panic hardware for double and single doors
BRITON panic hardware
for timber single and double fire escape doors
Panic hardware for narrow stile and uPVC single doors
Touch bar panic hardware in single, double and triple point locking
EXIDOR touch bar range
touch bar panic hardware with single, double or triple point locking options
Exidor 700 high security heavy duty panic hardware for single doors
Outside access devices compatible with panic hardware
Exidor panic hardware spare parts, keeps and options

Or, select your panic hardware by its model number from the list below:-

Exidor 293
Exidor 294
Exidor 296
Exidor 297
Exidor 298
Exidor 302EC
Exidor 322EC
Briton 1438
Briton 378
Briton 376
Briton 1413E/KE
Briton 1413E/LE
Exidor 305
Exidor 306
Exidor CL1

Exidor CL2
Exidor 284
Exidor 285
Exidor 296-4
Exidor 294-4
Exidor 400
Exidor 402
Exidor 404
Exidor 501-P
Exidor 501-B
Exidor 502A-B
Exidor 503A-B
Exidor 500LEC
Exidor 703L/30
Exidor 703B/30


EXIDOR panic hardware for use on timber, metal or uPCV fire ecape doors with panic latches, push bolts, mortice operators and a range of outside access devices.

EXIDOR manufactures an extensive range of safe and reliable push to open panic hardware in Walsall, England. Using the most modern production methods and strict quality controls EXIDOR produces panic hardware of unrivaled quality and performance. The EXIDOR range includes push pad and push bar panic hardware for single or double doors and for timber, metal or uPVC doors. All panic bolts and hardware from EXIDOR conforms to either EN179 or EN1125 depending upon its use and application. Being made in the UK by a quality manufacturer, a full range of spare parts and options can also be ordered from giving you the confidence that your EXIDOR panic hardware can be maintained and expect a long life.

EXIDOR panic hardware and BRITON panic hardware, also commonly known as crash bars, emergency exit hardware or push bar to open units, are a reliable and dependable method to assure escape from a building is always possible. All units come with a "push bar to open" sign.

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