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hinges for fire doors
fire door hinges that comply to BS EN1365 Grade 13 from £3.40 per pair
steel hinges
steel hinges offer good performance with low cost, the traditional choice for domestic use
Brass hinges
brass hinges
a large range of brass hinges for both internal and external use giving superior corrosion resistance
stainless steel hinges
stainless steel hinges for use on internal and external doors, 304 & 316 stainless available
Royde & Tucked high load butt hinges
Special hinges for all doors
special hinges
Parliament hinges, counterflap hinges, spring hinges and projection hinges

Or, select a hinge by its size from the list below
75mm (3")
Min. door thickness 35mm
100mm (4")
Min. door thickness 44mm
1840 light steel hinge
451 strong steel butt hinge

99-1 extruded brass hinge
99-3 DPBW brass hinge

H086 lift off hinge
H104 fixed pin hinge
1840 light steel hinge
451 strong steel butt hinge

99-1 extruded brass hinge
99-3 DPBW brass hinge

Ball bearing grade 13 S/S
H101 lift off hinge
H102 fixed pin hinge

Hinges or butts are available in many different forms including pin, fixed pin, washered, double washered, phospher bronze washered, lift off, ball bearing, projection, parliament, soss, HI-LOAD, spring hinges and many others.

Hinges are the most critical part of door hardware. They support the door and allow it to move, the very minimum a door needs to do! The most expensive door is nothing more than a block of wood if it can not open. Correctly specified and adjusted hinges will allow your door to function correctly with years of maintainance free use. Important considerations for specifing the correct hinges include the width of the door, it's height, it's weight and whether the door is to be fitted with a door closer. All these factor increase the load on the hinges and can contribute to its adjusted door weight.
Royde & tuckers British made HI-LOAD hinges are at the very cutting edge of hinge technology and performance. All HI-LOAD hinges are made in the UK at Royde & Tucker's manufacturing plant in Hitchin. These hinges are used in areas where a high performance long lasting hinge is an advantage such as schools, government building, public building, hospitals, military bases and nuclear installations. All these places expect a lifetime of heavy use with little or no maintainance.

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